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    Do you have a Waiting List?

    We are a large group of Counselors, Therapists and a Nurse Practitioner and as such we are able to get you in quickly!

    Do You Accept Health Insurance?

    Absolutely! We accept most types of insurance. To be sure, call your insurance company. The information you’ll need from your insurance company is:

    • Is my Therapist a in-network provider?
    • What is my co-pay for sessions, if any?
    • Do I have a deductible? If so, how much of my deductible have I already met?
    • Is there a limit on the number of times I can see my therapist?
    • Do I need to get pre-authorized to see my therapist?

    Bring all of the information you collect to your first session.

    How do I Know if I Need Counseling?

    In the past, counseling was thought to be only for people who had severe problems; anymore there is no stigma attached and most people at some point in their lives seek help from a therapist, counselor or psychologist. People come to us when they’ve tried many times to solve a problem on their own, but have been unable to find a solution that works for them and/or their loved ones. This could be a problem with relationships, work, stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or issues from their past. Other times people just want someone to talk a through a problem with or want to pursue a better quality of life.

    Does Counseling or Therapy Work?

    While the counselor, psychologist or therapist does not solve the problem for you, they are great resources for helping you find solutions that work for you.  An objective third party helps by bringing in new ideas and resources.  Therapy also helps you identify why you haven’t been able to move forward on your own.  We have treated many people in all walks of life and they have moved on to lead happy, healthy lives.

    How do I Know Which Therapist or Counselor is Right for Me?

    Always look for someone who seems to understand you and who you feel comfortable with. Therapy should be a comfortable, private and trusting space for you to talk about anything. You can request a phone call from the therapist prior to your session to get an idea of whether or not you two would be a good fit.  If you try a counselor and it doesn’t feel right, our staff are happy to transfer you to someone else more suited to your needs. Our office management staff are specially trained to help you choose the ideal therapist.

    How long does Counseling or Therapy Take?

    Therapy can take from one session to several sessions. There is no set program or length that works for everyone. You decide how long you feel you will benefit from counseling.  Some people want to focus on one or two particular issues and do short-term counseling while others prefer a longer course of treatment with a more in-depth approach to therapy. Talk with your counselor, psychologist or therapist about your goals for therapy and together you can figure out how long you might want to continue counseling sessions.

    What if I need Medication?

    Many of our clients do not need medication, but it can be appropriate for some.  Medication can be the deciding factor in getting back your peace of mind and finding solutions for some people, especially those with a mood disorder like depression, anxiety, traumatic stress or mood cycling.  Talking to your therapist about whether or not you want to consider medications is the best way to explore this issue.  We have a Clinical Nurse Specialist on staff who can meet with you to determine if medication is right for you.  Our Nurse only works with those 18 an older.  If you are under 18 and need medication, we have a list of very good doctors to whom we can refer you.

    How Do I get Started?

    Call us at 513-229-7900 or contact us by email.  We can help you find the therapist, counselor, nurse, or psychologist that is right for you.  Since we are a large group we are generally able to get you in quickly without having to be on a waiting list.